Michael Bivona, CPA

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If you start working in your twenties and retire at age sixty, there’s a good chance you’ll spend as many years in retirement as you did working. Michael Bivona, a certified public accountant who retired almost twenty years ago, shares how he saved enough money to retire comfortably. He also explores the importance of continuing… In his memoir Was That Me?, a successful businessman, author, and philanthropist provides an inspirational look into the reasons why he chose the road he did in life. After being repeatedly asked the question, “How did you go from not attending high school to becoming the man you are today?” Bivona’s answer was always the… From Buenos Aires to Paris to New Orleans, Mike and Barbara Bivona have traveled and danced throughout the world. And in this memoir and travelogue, these two dance aficionados share their adventures and experiences. Ballroom dancers for more than twenty years, the Bivonas have traveled extensively while honing their dancing skills and meeting fellow dancers…. Within the structure of today’s increasingly complex corporate world, author Michael Bivona’s Business Infrastructure: In a Computer Environment is a blueprint for success. As technology and finance shape tomorrow’s companies, organizational issues become more and more crucial. The author’s analysis clearly shows how wise development can translate into increased profits and productivity. The complexities of… Mike and Barbara Bivona have danced their way around the world, embracing the colorful rhythms of each country and culture in their travels. Now, Mike, the author of Dancing Around the World with Mike and Barbara Bivona, returns to share more of their globe-trotting adventures in part one of a new travel memoir series. While… You’ve spent an entire career working hard, and now it’s time to retire. But what exactly does that mean? Author Michael Bivona was unsure about what to do with his life when retiring, but he didn’t let that stop him from finding ways to enjoy it. In this memoir and guidebook, he describes his retirement… You’re probably familiar with the difficulty of dealing with service departments when getting a vehicle repaired—but what happens when that vehicle is a boat?

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